I want to get Hair Dreadlocks !

Here is 4 things you should check before you get hair dreadlocks. Bali Hair Dreadlocks by Mr Barong will guide you how to prepare and take care your hair dreadlocks.


The First thing people will ask is “ Can i wash my hair dreadlocks ?

Hair Dreadlocks needs to be washed regularly just like un-dreaded hair. You can wash dreads just by working the soap in and then squeezing and rinsing repeatedly to get all the soap out. And  we reccommend washing you hair dreadlocks  only in residue free soaps and shampoos.


Will my Hair grow slower it’s in hair dreadlocks ?

Hair Dreadlocks do gain length slower than un-dreaded hair but the hair is actually growing at the same speed, in dreads or not. Because when you have hair dreadlocks your hair does not grow in a straight line. But you have dont have to be worrie, because outside there is also available some supplement which is specialized hair growth supplement .. if you really want to  J


Whether the rubberbands break the hair and can thin the dreadlocks ?


Rubberbands used correctly help roots and tips tighten, especially when dreads are new. If rubberbands are applied too tightly they can compress an area of the dread and cause a thin spot. However, proper tension will speed the locking proccess and prevent loose hairs especially when washing newer dreads.



Do I have to shave off my hair if I want to remove dreadlocks?


It is true that you have to cut dreads to take them out but you do not have to shave your head. You can usually leave at least 2″ inches of hair when you cut the dreads, so your hair will be short, but not shaved.



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