Twist Dreadlocks
How to do it ?

Bali Repair Dreadlocks

When you talking about dreadlocks twisting and Re-twisting are pretty much the same style. Twisting your hair dreadlocks is the same as you do maintenance or repair your dreadlocks. In both cases the main idea to put a locking cream of some type on the hair of dreads, twist it and allow it to dry twisted. You just need o spin the dreadlock until is under enough tension to compress it and make it feel tight, while at the same time applying some dread cream directly to the dread, working it in as you twist it around.

Hair Dreadlocks style is form of shaped ropes of hair into a natural style that requires little upkeep or maintenance. However, as your keep grows and you go about your daily life, you may need to Re-twist your dreads to add new hair growth to locks and locks up. Its so simple to get started, but you can improve the end result of course with some preparation and a good pre-wash.

On the other hand if you need help to Twist or Re-twist your hair dreadlocks, Mr. Barong also provides Repair Dreadlocks services. especially for those of you who don’t have time and don’t have enough patience to do this yourself, because for most people to re-twist your dreadlocks hair is not so easy as “ you twist your fingers “  🙂



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